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Posted on: 27/02/2013


Photo credit: Ennor / / CC BY-NC-SA

The Leaky Bucket

Engagement, motivation and retention are up there as some of the most important considerations for recruiters.  Do you agree?  Yesterday we spoke about the importance of measuring the recruitment process.  Likewise it’s important to understand how this relates to retention rates, employee satisfaction and the causes of departure for a full picture of how your recruitment function is contributing to organisational effectiveness.

Getting the employment relationship right is invaluable.  What has been your own experience? Weren’t you most productive where you were contributing the skills and knowledge you wanted to be using?  In environments that suited you? Where the reward was your work, you weren’t just showing up because they paid you to.  If you’ve not had this experience, perhaps keep looking or review your mindset. 

The ideal environment is different for everyone, some people thrive with the highly structured environments driven by approvals and process.  Others love the dynamic nature of growing business where you have to think on your feet.  As recruiters our job is to match up skills and knowledge, and that thing we call ‘cultural fit’.  It really is a fit that intrinsically motivates people we bring on board.  I’ve thought about this.  I like variety, I like change, I like problem solving and am happy to be thrown curve balls along the way.  Consulting suits me just right.  Have you ever thought about your right ‘cultural fit’?

Everyone can find that work that enriches their lives, delivering results for their organisation.  In turn the employer has the ability to invest in their people and further build great work environments- think Google innovations in 'free time'.

After all there is no point filling a leaky bucket, it’s just never going to deliver results.

Do you think organisational culture and retention can be changed for the positive through recruitment?


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